NYE 2010!

Well it’s been an interesting year to say the least. Not wanting to bore you with too many details, lets see what happened this year:

  • Had another bout anxiety which took up most part of the first quarter
  • Started a family by buying two gorgeous little kitties
  • Bought a whole swagger of gadgets including new laptop, new camera, a stack of kitchen appliances
  • Had 3 guys hand in their resignation at work!
  • We lost the ashes!
  • Skaife and Lowndes won Bathurst!
  • Mark Webber came this –>| |< -- close to winning the World Drivers Championship
  • Went to the Crowded House concert
  • Missed Russell Peters due to my panic 🙁
  • Completed 2 uni subjects, currently on my third
  • Last but not least, we got ENGAGED!! 😀 😀
  • I’m tired of listing bullet points so I’ll just randomly write some more stuff down 🙂

    I received many many lovely gifts for Christmas, spent a lovely day with my fiances family. Had her uncle and his missus stay over for a few days over Christmas which was nice. Purchased a PS3 with a Logitech Driving Force GT after hunting around the whole of Chatswood looking for someone who had a steering wheel! Ended up getting it from Artarmon JB HiFi who then was sold out of GT5, and with a last ditched attempt had a peak in The Good Guys and thank goodness they had it!

    4 More hours and it’s the end of 2010! Just a few things I want to achieve next year, cook more, maybe spend some time food blogging and checking out new eateries, some exercise including learning to swim, drink less and most importantly going away for 2 months on a holiday without having a panic attack! Thankfully I’ve developed some new techniques to tackle the panic when it occurs, however I do realise I need to focus on work less and find another outlet such as a hobby or just plain exercise!

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