Getting there

Haven’t posted for a while so that means no news is good news. I’m kinda back to work now, but not entirely functional. I think most of my team thinks I’m a complete looney and my carefree attitude probably scares most people. At the end of the day it’s much of a front, rather than be worried, I portray a carefree stature in the hope that I believe it myself. I had a few moments in these last few weeks, one of which when our whole corporate department had a get together and I was left with the front row seat during a presentation. Obviously walking out in front of 150+ odd people would have been bad, yet at the same time trying to convince myself that nothing was wrong in front of the same amount of people was just as hard. I did survive the episode and it helped build in confidence.

Had the Friday off to take the kitties to the vet today. Ended up making a trip to the new HomeHQ in Auburn. Typical home warehouse type shops although alot smaller than what I was used to. Bought a new ETU (Entertainment Unit.. I know how cool a new acronym!). The catch was either wait till next week and pay $65 for delivery, or drive down to Blacktown and pick it up. What better oppurtunity to test out my new skills than to drive through the Lane Cove Tunnel and the M2.. all up survived it pretty well. There were a few moments in the tunnel where I was nervous but after convincing myself that I should wait at least 10 minutes before panicing, by the 10 minutes was up I was feeling alot more relaxed and in control. On the way back, there was a slight traffic jam due to a broken down truck. I thought this was the best place for me to have a panic attack but surprisingly after driving along at 15kph for 15 minutes, I was pretty calm. Awesome boost for the confidence even though at the time I didn’t feel too confident. Hopefully I can build upon that and continue on my way.

I can’t wait to jump on a plane and go somewhere and have a nice relaxing holiday. Each time I see ads for Europe or London it makes me realise how much of a good time I had over there and how much I enjoyed it. I would love to have a second crack at Europe!

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