Still clean and Grill’d Burgers

Still off the meds, and the light headedness still slowly subsiding. Its interesting because there are some days where I don’t feel it, or maybe I’m not noticing it at all. However yesterday I was fine for most part of the day I was fine and then in the afternoon I felt very woozy. Don’t really want to start on the next set of meds until it completely goes away. Maybe I won’t start at all?

On the plus side received my second assignment results and scored a nice 95%, coupled with the 97% in the first assignment sitting pretty sweet for the subject. I am somewhat disappointed in the exam where I completely missed 10 marks. I just couldn’t get my head around the law section of IT ethics and skipped over it hoping I wouldn’t receive a question on Law, which of course I did. Oh well!

Oh and I bought a Panasonic Lumix LX5 a week ago. Awesome camera 🙂 Definitely a league ahead of the standard point and shoot camera’s! I haven’t done much with my D300s, but I can see why the DSLR’s actually exist. The LX5 is mobile and has an awesome F2.0 lens, but there are many features that it doesn’t have. The obvious one is wildlife or sports photography which requires a huge telephoto and a fast camera. Having said that planning on a trip away next year so definitely the LX5 will be the one to bring with me. I lugged the D80 around last time and didn’t really use it that much.

Went out to Grill’d at Crows Nest today after reading numerous food blogs about how good it was. I’ve taken to reading alot of food blogs and even toyed with the idea of starting my own Food Blog.. another reason why I really wanted to get the LX5. Lugging a D300s with the 28-70 beast and popping that out in a restaurant or cafe might look a bit ostentatious. Anyway the burgers were really filling, however they seemed almost to be too flavoursome. After eating the burgers, I attempted to munch on the chips which had alot of salt, herbs and it was all too much. I mean don’t get me wrong, the burgers were huge, had lots of fresh salads and sauce but you felt like you just wanted to down at least 2 litres of water to wash away all that flavour stuck in your mouth. Maybe I’m just being picky? I’ve attached a few pics of the burgers, the first is the Mustard and Pickled! and the second the Almighty burger! The last pic is the chips. Oh and taken with the LX5 at ISO400! I know gorgeous ain’t it?

Withdraw symptoms…

So it’s now been 6 days off the meds and I’m still walking around with a permanent sense of light headedness. From as little as looking left to right with my eyes and not evening moving sends me into a spin, it’s not too bad although sometimes when out and about I have to stop walking and close my eyes for the sensation to pass. It’s not as bad as other peoples withdraw symptoms which I have read on the Interweb, however it’s enough to be a nuisance. It makes things very difficult to concentrate on such as work tasks. Other things I’ve noticed is that I have somewhat more doubt in my mind, but having said that it’s probably because I have convinced myself the meds were doing something. I had a mild panic attack leaving work on Tuesday evening, which I used my breathing techniques and eventually putting myself to sleep whilst stuck in traffic on the bridge home. I’ve started to catch a cold or something because my throat feels like there’s something stuck in there causing me to continually cough, and during sleep I have a really bad sore-throat.

Just wish the stupid head spins would go away, it’s really beginning to annoy me now.

So It’s been even a longer while

So long story short not to bore myself or whoever reads this stuff… haven’t had a panic attack in over 5 months.. weened off the Lexapro in the past 3 days and today is the first day completely off it. Feeling a bit light headed and my second uni assignment is due in 5 hours! Gotta get it done and out of the way. See how we feel tomorrow. Planning another trip back to Europe in about 6 months time so yeah fingers crossed no bad side effects or anything along those lines. Worst case I get back on it, but I haven’t really been sleeping very well since I’ve been on them which the doc reckons is insomnia so not good!