Something a little out of the ordinary

Instead of talking about the usual and almost normal experiences of panic disorder I thought I’d write about my experiences with photography instead. Pointers to remember for the next photo shoot:

– Ensure that ISO is set to as low as possible to eliminate noise. Increasing ISO to maintain a fast shutter speed to shoot seagulls just to realise the camera has selected an aperture of 14 is just wrong!
-  Check the exposure of the background scenery of your object before adjusting ISO is probably a good idea. Checking exposure against a black background then shooting seagulls in the BRIGHT blue sky will cause for point 1 to occur!!

– Pick your subjects carefully. Seagulls gliding are a much better subject then one flapping their wings wildly.

– KNOW where the sun is so that while you are panning you don’t pan your lens directly into the sun. IF you pan into the sun, change position and DO NOT sit in the same spot continually panning into the sun four or five times.

– Re-read this entry before heading out to the next photoshoot!!