Another year gone by…

Another year gone by. What a eventful way to finish off the year of 06. Two famous Australian’s (Steve Irwin & Peter Brock RIP) passed away. Suddam supposedly was executed this morning by hanging. And various other news which I at this present moment cannot be bothered to recall!

On a personal note, this has DEFINITELY not been a Christmas to remember. Leading up to the holidays, my mind and/or body has decided it’s had enough and I’ve been having non-stop anxiety attacks through the past few weeks. The first one was at work where I took a few days off work and everything seemed normal, so I headed back to work. I lasted half a day on my first full day back at work and the ambo’s came to my aid. Although with anxiety attacks (main symptom hyperventilating) there isn’t much one can do except to ride it out and let it pass. After it had passed, I had a nap and woke up and had another one and off to St Vincents Hospital once more. A full check-up revealed there was nothing physically wrong with me and on the way out for good measure I decided to have one more just to go out with a bang! I got a prescription to calm my mind down if it occurs again however so far there has been no urgent need to take them. Having said that it doesn’t mean I haven’t had a plethora of mini-anxiety attacks along the way. Meh.

Pre-Xmas celebrations were had at Anto & the lovely wife Alica’s abode with the following people attending: Anto, Alica, Rod, Lea, Mitch, Ron, Meks, Apol, Dennis, Mitchell, and of course myself. The following people DID NOT attend: Alain. gg alain! KK presents were exchanged and I believe a fun time was had by all. I didn’t take any pics that night so I’ll have to get them off Meks and post them up. I got a iPod Nano for my KK yay to me! Thanks to the hosts, although one thing thats quite annoying me is it keeps rebooting/crashing!!

Money was spent.. okay I lie ALOT of money was spent, but some money was saved too! House plans are currently on hold while I sort out these anxiety attacks. Oh car is broken again same issue with the fuel pump. I’ve just about had it with the car so once it gets fixed I believe I’ll be heading down the diesel route.

A fast year, was fairly uneventful until the end but like every other year one which is best spent with friends and family albeit sometimes in the hospital 😉