Banks giving away money

This morning I had my bank call me up. I would just like to add this bank never actually calls me up for any reason at all, but today they did. I was panicing at this point when the man on the phone explained who he was, all the typical thoughts starting flowing through my mind. “Did I overdraw my account?” “Has my account been hacked?” “Have I been an innocent victim of a scam?”. Alas it was none of the above, in fact quite the opposite. I was asked whether I attempted to withdraw some money last week, to which I replied “Yes”. Then the next question was “Did you receive the money?” errr… how am I meant to know whether I did or not, I have a short term memory especially with the partying last weekend! So I umm’d and ahhh’d for a few minutes when I finally remembered I couldn’t withdraw any money because there were insufficient funds!

I explained this to the phone operator and he told me the bank actually debited my account for the amount… even though there was insufficient funds. It was then explained to me that there was actually sufficient funds, however no money was presented?!?!? Of course I asked how this actually happened, and as expected I got a “I don’t know” response. But they were happy to credit me back with the money I didn’t actually withdraw! To be totally honest, being such a poor manager of money I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it, but it’s good to see honesty prevails!

On another note, we had our 10 year reunion last Saturday and it was a big blast from the past. Pics will be posted up in the gallery! Awesome time, got to swap numbers, talk about old times, talk about current times and have a few drinks in between! If you have a 10 year reunion coming up, I strongly suggest you go, you won’t miss it! I wasn’t anyone important at school, actually I was probably more of a nuisance at school so was surprised people even remembered me!