Still broken, just can’t win

Picked up car from Fussys with the new Exedy 5puk clutch. Guess what she still can’t boost and coughs and splutters and misses all over the place. You can find my post here about it. Oh wells I guess she’ll just stay off the road for now, reallllllllllly don’t want to spend more money getting it towed home.

Twas Lainey’s birthday on the 5th!, HAPPY BDAY Lainey and we all headed down to Bungas for a few bevvys. Work is usual aside from me blowing up at the managers, maybe I need some anger management courses 😉 Got it all sorted though I think and it’s all good. More weekend work coming up. Nothing else of note to write about I guess.. the rest of this year should be pretty pedestrian. It’s quite depressing really, nothing much to look forward to. The apartments which are going to be built at work requires 5% down payment by the end of Oct, which means I have no chance of securing one of them >< *Sigh*