The Car, The Money.. What a week!

Dropped the car off at JEM on Monday night to get the injectors and other bits put in as well as a tune. Adam said it should be ready by Tuesday evening, possibly Wednesday. However that wasn’t the case. As he called it the “SAGA” continues. Profec A wasn’t happy boosting past 10psi even after many hours of work! (Thanks for the hard work Adam!! :). Sho dropped off his old HKS EVC 4 and round 2 went through. Just to find out the clutch wasn’t holding past 5k >.< Got the car back on Thursday evening making a massive 198rwkw >.< . As Sho said, it seems everytime we go in we gain an extra 20 or so kw. Stock 156, PowerFC 178, this time 198. Anyways on Saturday I was on my way to Chatswood to do get outta the house and decided halfway there to head up to Newcastle. When I left home I thought I'd bring a jacket just incase I stay out late and it starts to get cold. The drive up was pretty relaxing, although my eyes started getting tired so I had to put the specs on. No cops until we got almost to the end of the F3. With no particular destination in mind I kept going north until I hit Raymond Terrace and stopped off at the pie shop up there. Nice pies btw, must make a trip up with Mitch and Ron. There was an old man driving a nice red Ferrari (do they even come in any other colours) with his wife/partner who's almost half his age :PƂĀ  Full and ready to head back home I started the trek. Staying around speed limit most of the way back until I started requiring a bit of overtaking power to get past some of the slower cars. This is when the problems began. AGAIN. The turbo started spooling, the rear of the car started to squat but the car wasn't going any faster. The sensation was the same as when you leave the handbrake on. So I just ease off, try again in about 10 mins and same thing. Quick phone call to Sho and looks like it's possibly the clutch so he just suggested I ease it home which I did. Did the rest of the trip permanently in the slow left lane driving around 90k's home. By this time I'm $hitting my pants thinking the car is gonna break but I manage to get off the F3 and onto Pennant Hills Road. Things are all going fine until I hit a small incline, suddenly the car starts shuddering like crazy and I can't go past 30k's/hr!! The stupid van behind me decides since I'm slowing down, it's best if he speeds up!!! I slam the hazzards on, call Sho and panic like crazy. Once I got over the hill the car behaved itself again but I thought it was safer to pull off to the side at the bus stop. Sho went to look for a tow truck company and I moved the car again until I hit Carlingford Court and pulled up in the Caltex. Tow truck company said 10-15 mins. Waited half an hour. Called them back, should be there soon. 45 mins call them again and I find out that the tow truck that was sent to get me had a bloody accident!!!! I guess it happens to the best of them, anyway 1.5 hours later Simon Symon from A1 Towing comes to pick me up and I'm on my way home. He's a nice guy and very much reccomended. So it's back off the road for another week. And with the Jacket, smart idea, it was about 8pm when I got picked up and it did get quite cold šŸ™‚ Sho and I were meant to head to Wakefield on Monday (Labour Day Public Holiday), but looks like I won't be going anymore >.< It's very frustrating but I guess it happens to everyone. Another experience šŸ™‚

Peter “Perfect” Brock

Today is a sad day for all Australians and all motor racing fans. Peter Perfect has passed away whilst behind the wheel of a Daytona Coupe racing in Targa West in WA. Like most people, I was stunned and didn’t believe it at first. However it wasn’t long when rumours were confirmed šŸ™ I only met Peter a handful of times, and admittedly mainly to grab his autograph. The times I did meet him, he was a true gentlemen, down to earth and a genuinely nice guy. An idol, a legend, someone who I’ve always looked up to… Peter Perfect Rest In Peace.. you will be sorely missed by everyone *sniff* šŸ™