The week that past

Microsoft Tech-Ed 2006 was on this week. Well technically last week depending on which day your calendar starts. As always a large turn out at the Convention Centre. What did I learn from it all? The new Longhorn Server & Exchange 2007 was very interesting. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up Longhorn Server has a new installation mode which is known as “Server Core”. This will be a base server OS WITHOUT the GUI. In the beta versions, after you login you receive two command prompts. No Start Menu, no IE, no GUI. The main selling point of this is less patching. In Windows 2000 & 2003, while you may not have ticked any of the additional components such as IIS & Outlook Express, the files were still installed. Which meant you still were required to patch them even though you weren’t using them! With Server Core this will be a thing of the past. A Server Core installation can be one of four roles (AD, DNS, DHCP, File). It cannot be a print server, since there’s no GUI as well as the driver requirements. You cannot upgrade from a Win2K3 machine to Longhorn Server Core, nor can you upgrade once it is a Server Core installation to a full blown installation. You also cannot use it for IIS.

Exchange 2007 with it’s new Edge server looks awesome. I didn’t know much about AntiGen until attending this conference and I think it’s a good idea. What I don’t think is a good idea is Exchange Hosted Services. Essentially, your mail gets sent to Microsoft first, they clean/filter it, then they send it to your SMTP gateway. So if someone attempts to attack your SMTP server, they attack Microsoft’s instead. It all sounds good and well until you realise that Exchange Hosted Services can be used as an archival point as well. Yes, you guessed it, Microsoft will have your mail, and they can scan all your mail and contents too. Most private institutions won’t like this idea. Exchange 2007 can also be completely command-line driven.

What is interesting is why Microsoft is turning back to the Command-Line interface. “Server Core” and Exchange 2007 are emphasising the requirements to go back to basics, more like a UNIX environment. I’m not sure the reasons behind this but I can guess that it is trying to weed out all the non-administrators who know how to point and click and follow instructions? Maybe?

On a side note, I shaved my head and I’m off to get my eyes checked today. I’ve finally succumb to the fact that I will have to become a glasses person even though I prided myself of not having to wear glasses for so long. IT Nerdy look here we come!

Flooded House?

My decision to do something out of the norm and visit Anthony’s place was probably not the best one I’ve made in a long while. Getting to Lidcombe station early with plenty of time to spare I offered Anthony a lift from Clyde station. In my infinite wisdom, I thought I’d go and shortcut it to Clyde, just to get lost in Auburn and have to double back round. Finally giving in, I politely advised Jong it would be better if he just trained it home. Half an hour later, Anthony rocks at his joint and we’re on our way in. There were no lights at the front of the house on, so aside from the street lights casting long  shadows we couldn’t see much. From the limited light which trickled through the trees, I could tell the front of the house was semi wet. First thought that ran through my head was that someone had cleaned the tiles inside and washed it with water and then sweeping the water out. I was partially correct. With the grace of a … well a person who can’t dance, I pranced around on the spot and heard the familiar pitter patter of water, the same kind of noise when you step in a puddle on the street and soak your shoes. Captain Obvious to the rescue!! “Jong, why is there water on the ground?” which was followed by a brief pause of silence, then a barrage of “Ohhhh noooo, oooohhh noooo oooohhhnooo” in conjunction with the turning of the key to unlock the front door. What greeted us was a sigh most commonly seen in TV sidcoms. A flooded house. Some quick Detective Watson work and the cause of the flooding was found, a blocked drain. We sprung into action like we were Mario and Luigi and started sweeping the water out and bailing what we could into buckets. After a while we managed to get the majority of the water out of the house and let the rest dry out. A few talks with various other occupants of the block revealed we were the only lucky ones to suffer such a horrible fate. (I make it sound like I live there!) Long story short, plumber dood came through. Sliced up some pipes downstairs, relieved the blockage till morning and that was that. Phewwwww, like I told Jong it’s always and adventure heading to his house. Whether it’s a massive hay-fever attack or flooding of the house. Off to pave the backyard on Saturday! But more pressing issues are at hand, I need sleep 🙂

Tomorrow held another day

Nothing too exciting. Work was quite busy as expected after 3 days off. Nose decided to bleed in the first hour of work. I’m coming down with a cough, which is quite normal straight after my usual cold/chest infection crap.. as per the norm I’ll probably be coughing for the next 3-4 weeks.. unless I cut down on ciggies.. *ponder*

Welcome back home white boy

Stevie’s due back on Saturday so I guess it’s time to get those party shoes on and hit the town! Isn’t nostalgia a funny thing? I think I’m one of those who spends more time reading back about what HAS happened than to actually look forward to what could/will/possibly/potentially/maybe happen. I’d like to goto Wakefield Park again and drive my car around that circuit. Would be nice to get it finished too.

I’d like to buy a house. And move overseas at the same time. I think there is only one solution.

..Win the lotto..

Wow didn’t realise this thing has been up for coming on 2 years.. has it been that long?  ugh.. time to sleep back to work tomorrow. What a long week it’s been this weeek. I wonder what tomorrow will hold.

Tear up your Circus tickets?

After retrieving the mail on the way home from the doctor, I noticed an envelope addressed to me with no markings on it. It felt like cardboard, so I assumed it was one of those junk mail leaflets. Tearing it open I had a brief look and noticed it had Optus written on it. “Here we go, another one of those Optus spam asking me to join their 3G network” I thought… I assumed the position. Hands side by side, ready to rip the letter in half when I hesistated for a brief moment. What if it was something else? I completely pulled out the cardboard.. and guess what? It was the Cirque De Soleil tickets.. *phew* thank god I didn’t rip those up!!!

Oh yeah it hailed again today. No warnings on the BOM site until the storm was right over my head pelting down little bb’s of hail. Fine and Sunny all week my ass!

Wow I got spam!!!

If you get your blog spammed does that mean you have hit it big? I’ve just spent over half an hour deleting a bunch of spammed comments and upgraded the site to hopefully prevent it from happening again. It’s 2am on a Tuesday morning.. why am I still up? I’m sick again. Well not really again, it has been a few weeks since I’ve been ill, however unfortunately it’s not all smooth sailing. I’ve bought myself a new camera, Panasonic Lumix FX8. It’s meant to be my companion camera to the Canon 350D. However I’m not sure if I want to invest in a digital SLR just yet. That and I have to finish off the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s only been about a year since I’ve said I need to finish off the caR!

Antos & Alicas doggy