Oh yeah…

Oh yeah.. I passed my exam! so yay to me! Although uni still mentioned it’s gonna be probably a 1% chance I’ll get accepted in.. so I guess I’ll get all my doco together and if I don’t get in, I can just keep reapplying every semester. 3 times a year, so I’m sure I’ll get in one day..

They say a picture tells a thousand words… so let me tell you a story about last night..

Last Night Story

One more sleep till DDay

One more sleep before the exam tomorrow. Fingers crossed I’ll pass, although the pass mark is like 80% so there isn’t much room for error 🙁 I’m really not confident at all to be honest with you. It’s just hard to motivate to study and there’s so much readddddddddddddddiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!!

On another note Annual Leave has been approved for my end of year trip, tickets have been almost booked. Just need my passport. Accomodation has been organised thanks to Stevie and my sister… can’t wait 🙂

Works been a bit of a downer lately, another one bites the dust. Off to greener pastures I believe like all the other engo’s that have left. Oh wells 🙂 Cest la vie


Been pretty strange over the past few days.. works a bit umm odd.. I’ve spoken to most of you already why it’s all a bit strange. Spent some time last night studying for that ellusive MS exam that I’ve been trying to do for the past year or so! Jammed some tunes in my bedroom and slept pretty okay. Lets hope it all goes back straight after this week.

I feel brain dead. I need to sort this theme thing out as well!!

I broke it!

Oops did a quick (or what I thought was quick) WordPress update to 1.5.. and I broke the site 😛 And because I’m an excellent engineer.. What backups? 😛

Bungalow 8

Went over to B8 last night after a spontaneous call by Ron and me trying a tad hardcore to procrastinate from studying 🙂 So I finished work kinda latish and headed into the city to pick Lainey up. Picked up drove down parked and met Ronnie there. Had some lovely (as always) Provencale mussels, nice glass of Wirra Wirra (or Mrs Wigley depending on your fancy) Rose. Spent the rest of the night fantasising about holidays, group holidays, working holidays, and more holidays. Damn holidays, why do we have only 4 weeks a year?? And why don’t we have siesta’s!

After dining and wining and dropping everyone home, went back to Ron’s for a little while to drink some water + hot chocolate 😛 and chat some about how backup’s don’t work and headed home to sleep some! A slightly more than the usual Monday night! definitely recomended!

Eeep it’s August already

It’s August already.. thats all.

Yay Janet is back! I hope she brought all of us some lovely lovely pressies .. you did didn’t you Janet?

Ron is a drinking machine.

BTW Happy Birthday Ron, Irmz and Kareen in case I forget.

umm.. I’m hungry.