Citrix iForum

Having missed out last year I decided to go to Citrix iForum at Darling Harbour this year in the hope of learning something new. To mine and to clients/workmates disappointment there wasn’t any learning to be done on the Wednesday session. The Wednesday session was specifically catered for Channel Partners and Customers and was labelled as the “Technical Session”.

I guess I’m not sure what I was expecting but I definitely was expecting to learn at least one thing on the day. We got a nice looking Citrix iForum bag but aside from that there wasn’t anything worth going to. The various sessions were more “introduction” to various Citrix topics such as 2 Factor Authentication and normal administrative things such as Active Directory Group Policies and printing.

I was booked out at a clients site for the following 2 days so I gave my pass to my colleague to attend the Thursday and Friday sessions. I’ll update my post when I speak with him next week, hopefully there was more useful information or at least better give-aways on the last two days 🙂

Wakefield Success!!

Went to Wakey today with Tinny and Mitch and it was a draining day all round I think. The morning session was a bit of a no go zone.. The track was quite moist from the early morning fog so the car was a big handful in the wet. The sun came out and it was all on for most people 🙂

It has been more than a year since I’ve last been so wasn’t quite sure of the limits of the car. I was running horribly slow in the first few sessions doing 1:27’s around wakefield. Mona and Thomas were running around in their low 1:20’s 🙂 The timesheets stopped coming around lunchtime so we had no idea whether we were going any faster or slower. My times felt faster however I wasn’t quite sure but hey, I paid $120 for it I figured I’d drive a few laps anyway 🙂

Ended up improving but wasn’t any hot lap.. so definitely am eager to go back again to break the 1:19’s 🙂 It’s not much of a target for most people but with the compliance front tyres, it’ll be a definite challenge!

Oh oh oh and I just figured out how to draw in the new MSN messenger 🙂 how coooooool is that??? 🙂 🙂 🙂