Still in the workshop

Does anyone read this? 😛 She’s still in the workshop btw. The mighty white stallion is my trusty mount until the DC5 is read to come back on the road. I guess since she’s in the shop might as well give her a Hondata once over 😛 😛

July 5th is Wakefield Track day organised by Circuit Club so that’ll be fun.. ummm what else is there.. errr *ponder*

my little furry friend has a little furry arse 😛

Greddy bolt-on turbo for the DC5?

For the past few days I have noticed this metallic grinding sound everytime I hit a bump on the road when driving the mighty warrior. Thinking it was the seat rails one day Sho and I checked it out… the problem was that when the car was stationary we could not get the seat to repeat the sound. He took the car to the workshop and called me today to let me know the bearings were loose in the CV Joint 🙁 🙁

So far we’ve had a master break cylinder replaced, the bolts in the glove box, boot lock and front suspension unscrew themselves.. and now this. All in the space of 3ish years. Hmmm..

Another fun filled Friday night

Thanks to all that were there at our weekly drinkies 😛 A few new startling revelations came out but it was all in good humour 😉

Not sure what the rest of them did but Ron bailed early for the first time in his life! It was amazing. Then I attempted the imposssible.. the walk home 🙂

I walked from Slip Inn to Parramatta road in about 2 hours and then decided it was probably safer to just catch a cab before I died of a cold. Legs were pretty sore the following days, but it was a nice peaceful and quite enjoyable morning stroll :). Hope all had fun!