Do you know how to drive?

Bah! Thanks to the lovely retarded driver who either doesn’t know how to get out of a parked spot, or park properly. I’m not quite sure since I didn’t notice a huge 15-20cm scratch on my rear bar last night till about 9pm. Good going moron!

/end rant

It’s a nice day today however! 🙂

Oops I just put off milk in my coffee

…and finished my cup of coffee before realising what Todays date was 🙂 I saw the expiry date on the plastic bottle of milk saying 27th of April. I thought it’s close, but I’m not entirely sure of what todays date is so I took a chance. Then I forgot to check the date before I drunk the coffee. Just realised it’s the 28th! Hope I don’t get sick!

BTW I drove Ronnie’s rexxy yesterday.. it’s veryyyyy niceeee.. I like the exhaust on the car too. It’s quite loud when you’re outside, but inside there car there is enough baffle to make it very quiet and acceptable. The seats are very comfy and firm with good support for your back. Plenty of power as you all probably know, good steering feedback.. the only thing I found slightly annoying is my arms are too short. When I have the seat back to what I find is a comfortable position, I have to lean a fair way forward to operate the stereo. Time to get a new head unit with remote control Ron!

Lest we Forget.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, and stopped and paused to remember our fallen soldiers.

We had a great night on Sunday night, down at Cargo. How good was the Peking Duck pizza? The amount of duck on that thing was awesome, mind you it was a $20 pizza but it was delicious. The croc pizza wasn’t too bad either. It was my first time eating croc meat so it was something new! Everything was going fairly well until the Cargo management decided there should be more standing and less sitting. We then promptly got up and decided to relocate to the Retro. Who’s idea was that?!?! Elaine! *points an accusing finger* The idea was a good one I must admit, except those guys were wanting $25 for cover?!?!? That was just ridiculous. We decided we were too good for that place and went looking for another. Except they all seemed closed 🙁

The bunch of drunken – 1, continued to roam the city for a decent waterhole and ended up settling for ST Patrick’s Tavern. And what a wicked find that was. Cheap drinks, great music, nice pokies and the best part: awesome friends! We partied on till god knows what time of night, I lost track! Dancing away to awesome classics such as The B52’s Loveshack & The Proclaimers 500 miles. Absolutely awesome! and for those who weren’t there, well the pics will somewhat describe the night, although it probably won’t do it justice!

A good time was had by all, double thumbs up to St Pat’s Tavern!

Weird fill up story

Heading home tonight, running low on petrol. Stop off to fill up like everyone else would. Step out of the car, some random guy runs up to me and asks me to give him a jump start. Normally this would be okay but this guy had some very disturbing things associated with him.

a) He claims he doesn’t know what day it is? o_O
b) He doesn’t know what happened
c) He doesn’t have a wallet, so he thinks he may have been jacked but he’s not sure
d) He reckons he’s been there since Friday?!? (I don’t think so, it’s Sunday night already)

Anyway my stupid North Shore upbringing made me help him out. Having said that I noticed a few things wrong with his car. Half the door locks were missing, he had two wires used to start the car. To open the boot required two people, one to use the remote boot release and one to open the boot. The boot also did not have a lock.

I hope there is nothing bad associated with this? I was only helping him jump start his car? I now have my finger prints on his car because I had to help him open his boot to look for Jumper Cables. To be honest with you the car looked a bit dodge.



Hehehe I’m at VMWare ESX training at the moment and have been for the past week. It has been very informative and interesting although I would have preferred if it was slightly a tad more advanced. Then again I realise they have to cater for people who have absolutely no idea what VMWare and their products do. We spent a fair bit of time on boring introduction and differences. Work’s making us take the ESX certification too 🙁

WoW: What I want to know is how on earth does pb get to level 40 so quickly? I think she bought the game a tad after Rod and he just got to 40! It’s just wrong. Either that or Twin is letting her play too much WoW or Tinny isn’t letting me play enough. Then again I do have full time work 🙁 🙁