Long weekend finished!

I hope everyone had a nice long relaxing long weekend, for those of you who had one! We ended up going up to a little place called Pearl Beach, which is near Copacabana, which is also near Gosford 🙂 It was a nice and relaxing albeit sedate weekend. Good to get away and get some r&r. We’ll have the pics up shortly I hope! All depends on the lazy factor.

I was doing a bit of surfing on SAU, seems like there is more than one person who has no hesitation in attempting to steal Skylines in broad daylight. Check it out here. It’s a shame, even with Skylines being so common these days they are still a big target. Then again I guess WRX’s were common and they were being targetted too 🙁

Bah! more long hours

As always no upgrades go perfect and I was up till 11ish trying to repair a server that broke during the upgrade. What really got on my goat was there were 3 servers, all 3 had different problems and all 3 had different symptoms. What is going on there?!
Regardless to say I woke up stooper early and left home at 6:45am to try get to work ontime to rebuild one of the servers, however traffic made me get to work at 8:30?!?! Wha the? Rumours of a bullet train which gets you from Parra to the City in 15 minutes suddenly seems very appealing.. I wonder what the ticket prices would be on that one?

Update just for Felix!

Just updating because I haven’t updated for a while!!! I’ve been pretty busy with work and gf. Another year gone by and I’m 26 now! Not much to write about to be honest with you, just had dinner with the family and watched House of Flying Daggers. My personal opinion of this movie? It’s not too bad but I didn’t enjoy it that much. The sound of the sword fights sounded a bit too dull for my liking. It has that cute chick from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon! If you’re into those asian fighting flicks definitely worth a watch.

I finalllllllllllly got my Skyline tinted, only managed to get 20% becasue the tinter ran outta 10% film which was a bummer. The other thing that was annoying was being an old car there was alot of little spots that weren’t easily cleaned off so there are some small dirt bubbles on the tint. But hey at least I’ll stop getting a huge tan on my driving arm 🙂

pics are on the pics page 🙂