Ever wondered why someone would

walk up to your car and kick it’s tyres?

Well I did today. I was across the street from where my car was parked and I noticed a suspicious character walk towards my car. I didn’t pay much attention as I often walk up to cars to appreciate them, however this guy stood at the driver side for a while. I didn’t really wonder what he was doing until he stepped back and kicked the tyres. I thought it was odd, then he strolled and stood at the back of the car for a few minutes before running off to his car and driving off.

After speaking to a few friends they informed me that it’s common for theives to kick car tyres to see if the alarm will trigger. What amazes me is this was in broad daylight, during lunch time when there were alot of cars driving up and down the street and this guy had the nerve to perform this reccon in front of everyone? What is this world turning into?

On another note I experienced my first taste of Max Brenner and his Chocolate shop in Double Bay. I must admit I was impressed by the richness in the desserts. My only annoyance was there was about in total 7-10 people serving and it would take you a good 5-10minute wait to get anyones attention. I guess it was fairly humid tonight so alot of the staff were probably a bit hot.

Afterwards a stroll through the backstreets revealed a neat little jazz restaurant/bar named CherriJam, will have to check it out next time there is a function coming up. It looks quite cozy and nice when we went up there. Anyone else been there?

Another V Day passes

Another Valentines Day passes, I hope you all received your wonderful Valentines gifts and had a lovely evening.

I had mine spoiled by a lovely florist, who can’t seem to get a simple order done properly. But apart from that we celebrated slightly early due to other commitments on the night! A lovely dinner at the Italian forum, a big wrap goes out to the guys at Sapore!


I’m finally back to playing a bit of World of Warcraft whenever I have some time. I dunno, I thought it was nice ot have a break from it for a little bit, that way when I came back it would all seem like a new game to me. The first night of playing it I mae up 3 levels I was that eager. Mind you it did take some playing from around 7pm->1am non stop. With places like a Thottbot, there are a wealth of information on almost anything you need. Now I just need to devote some time into gaining a few levels, I’ve never been past level 15!

The other fun thing I saw online the other night were a bunch of level 40+ horde characters, sitting in the town I was in doing absolutely nothing. They sat there and were just playing around. Normally when a horde character (Read: BAD) sees an alliance character (Read: GOOD), they attack each other without any hesistation. Thats what happened to lil ol me whilst I was exploring the country side, a level 13 rogue wandering around.. next thing you know this level 45 warrior charges me, hits me a few times and I’m dead 🙂 I didn’t mind that much I guess whats what happens in the pvp games. Anyway going back to play some more write later 🙂

Citrix MPS3 hangs on “Running Logon Scripts”

I had imaged a server and noticed that the imaged server was hanging on “Running Logon Scripts”. The logon script actually had already finished running but the new MPS3 feature had that pop up screen stilll on the screen.

The fix ended up beingin the Registry [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] there is a wrong value for AppSetup

The right value should be: CtxHide.exe UsrLogon.Cmd,cmstart.exe

Oh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhodes Shopping Centre

Having decided last week to go visit the Rhodes Shopping Centre, we headed up there today. The trip there wasn’t too difficult although the car park caused some turmoil. There is a car wash in the car park which is located in a corner. The passageway for some reason is also marked as a two way, considering the car wash people park wash cars in the passageway there is no way in hell people can get two cars through there.

The shopping centre is very nice and very clean as you would expect from a new shopping centre. The shopping centre itself isn’t that big, it’s long and contains 2 floors. Two main supermarkets are there, with a nice addition of the asian Mircale supermarket. There is also the Reading Cinema there for those who want some entertainment. I personally liked it although it didn’t have a wide enough selection of fashion for my liking. IKEA being the main attraction for all those looking to redecorate their houses, but by the end of walking around the place I was aching.

Am I getting old????