I feel siiiiiiiiiiiiick :(

No not the Thorpey says it’s fully sick type sick either!

Last night I decided to go enjoy dinner so I headed over to GT Angus to see whats on the menu. Lo and behold they had half a lobster, in a white sauce with some scallops and prawns. I thought this sounded delicious so I ordered it. 12 hours later I’m definitely regretting my choice. I woke up this morning with one of the worst stomach aches I’ve had for a while. Been in and out of the bathroom numerous times and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make it home later on today.

Normally the GT Angus food is quite good but I dunno about their seafood. Seafood runs come around Bathurst once every week or so, I believe it’s on a Wednesday so I thought last night was pretty safe, then again I just realised Australia Day was on Wednesday. Maybe I got last week’s seafood? Don’t get me wrong the service and food normally is great at the restaurant, however last night didn’t settle too well with me! 🙁 🙁

Poor Sydney drivers :(

The usual commute to Bathurst provided some interesting challenges this morning. The first obstacle was to try not to be killed by cars coming out of side streets. I was literally two streets from home when this car came out of a side street on my right and headed directly for the side of my car. Can you say T-Bone? I swerved as instinct would make you do, luckily we were in a 50 zone so it wasn’t too hard to avoid. But as I swerved I looked at the driver to see what he was doing, I noticed he was staring at some woman on the street instead of ahead of him. I was ahead of him and I was not bloody impressed! 6am in the morning and a guy has already lost his concentration.

Then further down the track, it seems alot of people in Sydney don’t understand “Keep Left unless overtaking”. There was this moron in the furthest right hand land on a motorway, who was driving 80 in a 110 zone. Getting sick and tired of waiting for him (for the last 10 minutes) to move into the middle lane so I can overtake, I move into the middle lane to overtake him. And of course what does he do? he goes and speeds up. I finally overtake him then he starts to tailgate me >< I overtake a few cars in the middle lane and swiftly shift back in the middle lane. He then speeds off into the distance. A few hundred metres down the road a copper pulls onto the M4 from an on-ramp and chases him down. Justice served.


Should I get some new tyes for the boat? Last night I saw some very very very very very very sexy tyres. Bridgestone Potenza RE55S!! These tyres were absolutely awesome in the dry. The feeling was very uncanny. You would come up to a corner, hammer the car around and hang on for dear life expecting the g-forces to throw you around. Yet because the tyres gripped so hard, there were no g-forces!? o_O? IT was all very surreal.

Maybe I should invest in some rear tyres as those Pirelli’s are looking a bit rundown? *ponder* On another note I wonder how those RE55S compares against the ones that come on the MY05 STI, Potenza RE070 semi’s. I saw a set on a WRX at the RexNET dyno day but heard rumours they were pretty poor in the wet.

Or should I get some coilovers?? What do you think Lance?? “I bet a set of Tein HA coilovers would fetch a premium before Wakefield Park Track Day!”


Does anyone here apart from Tinny, Sho and me watch Bleach? It’s a new anime that Sho recently got me into and to be honest I think it’s pretty good 🙂 there’s only 15 episodes out right now but so far so good 🙂 Although the series seems to be released at irregular intervals which makes it somewhat frustrating.

You can download it here: http://animesuki.com/series.php/496.html

I like Rukia’s character 🙂 I sound like a nerd now so i better stop 😛

But if you have nothing to do then go visit animesuki and have a look, I promise you’ll like it!

Hail again?

It looks like it’s going to be hailing in Sydney again 🙁 I wonder whats causing all this hail to keep coming through Sydney? Maybe it is that damn global warming effect??

Anyway ice-skating was fun, although I couldn’t skate I ended up enjoying myself. Pics from ice-skating will be up shortly! I think it may become a regular event providing we don’t go too often as those damn ice skates reallllllllllllllly hurt your feet 🙁 They are all hard and tough inside and plasticy so it digs into your feet. I came home with about 2 blisters which wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Prices were $17 per adult @ macquarie ice skating rink, and I didn’t realise but they do have late night sessions too!

I’m not sure what other ice-skating rinks we have around here? Macquarie hasn’t changed much since I last went there, I meant the ice skating rink. Last time I went ice-skating would have been in year 6-7? so it definitely has been a while. The enjoyment factor is still there I believe. I must admit I spent most of my time hugging the side rail but eventually with the help of my partner the middle of the ice skating rink wasn’t too scary either 🙂

Oh one last thing, I didn’t fall down even once!!