Citrix client and Novell Zenworks?

Whilst working at a site which uses both the Citrix Program Neighbourhood Agent and Zenworks client I noticed a weird phenomenon. Both clients were deployed via group policy however, a random client would have it’s Citrix client broken. Double clicking a citrix icon, it would attempt to connect then nothing.

After doing some investigation I find the culprit, Novell Zenworks Desktop Agent or so I thought. Upon install Citrix changes the permissions on HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing\Store so that users can write to the keys. By default users only have read access. For some unknown reason Zenworks changes it back to read only.

Being deployed via group policy, there is no way to configure which order the application is deployed in. If Zen is deployed first, then Citrix is fine.. the other way around.. no good.

Strange isn’t it? Our fix was to use Zenworks to forcerun a setacl command to set the permissions on that key, that way regardless of who was installed first the correct permissions were always applied.